• I have stayed in Belsize park a number of times with work and eaten in all the restaurants in the area, this is by the best. The food is of the highest quality and the service is always excellent.

    Even though I only travel to London 3 or 4 times a year, Taj always remembers me, remembers my favourite dish, The Halibut, and always tells me of things that have changed or if there is anything different on the menu.

    If you are looking for fine Indian cuisine then this is the place to go!
    Review By kristen81, august 2014
  • Honestly one of the best Indian restaurants I've ever eaten at. The King Prawn starter was astonishing! Wonderful, friendly service and for my partner, who is vegetarian, there was a terrific range of veggie options. Also, I urge you to try the garlic & coriander naan bread with your main... you'll thank me later.
    Review By Dan Mersh, june 2014
  • Absolutely magnificent! The Customer service was excellent although you must pay an extra (£10) for it, food was a bit expensive for my taste but still worth every penny, the curry was spicy just they way I liked it but just perfectly spicy enough, it was served hot with pitta bread and fresh salad on the side...This left me astounded, after I ordered my food about 20 minutes later a massive rectangular shaped plate was put in front of me with half and half chicken and lamb with sauce. This restaurant is perfect for a calm, peaceful and romantic night with your loved one, this really put me in the mood and I really looked forward to eating food with my family. Another thing that surprised me was that they do free delivery within 3 miles of radius. Overall I must say this is THE BEST INDIAN RESTAURANT/CUISINE I have been to so far!!
    Review By Faysul Ahmed, august 2014
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  • A new Upmarket Indian Restaurant just opened in Fashionable Belsize Lane. Dishes are cooked with care and to perfection by Head Chef who hails from the Taj Group in India and has worked for a Michelin Star Indian Restaurant. Healthy cooked techniques are employed as well as separation of all White fish, seafood, lamb, chicken and vegetables with individual labelling and storage. Already becoming a favourite with all the Belsize Village locals this restaurant has something for every palate with a number of regional dishes from Punjab in the North to Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the South, with so many regional dishes on offer, we are sure you will find your taste. Serving White fish ranging from Black Cod, Halibut, Tilapia and Sebass this restaurant really is catering for patrons from a varied number of backgrounds with an extensive vegetarian menu as well as Lamb and Chicken dishes. If you fancy just drink why not relax with a cocktail at the bar or with a refreshing Pint of Cobra.
    Review By Time Out London, August 03, 2012
  • My Dora kebab starter comprised of lamb ground 12 times before reassembly and the result was rich, salty meat so smooth that it pre-emptively melts on your fork. While scallops aren’t an immediate choice for an Indian, my friend found them easily the best he’d tasted and indeed they are a key reason for Hazara’s upcoming inclusion in the Michelin guide, which demands every fish dish stands up to the quality of their meat.

    The care put into this menu consistently cries out, though it doesn’t come without effort. Banwait travels weekly to Billingsgate and Smithfield markets for the best ingredients, but evidently it’s paying off and broadening many cultural horizons along the way.
    Review By The Islington Gazette, May 22, 2014
  • Hazara is as far removed from your high street curry house as can be imagined... the menu is extensive and draws upon all areas of India, from Punjab in the north to Kerala in the south, while the ingredients and spices are the best and freshest; meat and fish are sourced by owner Taj himself... A trio of starters, attractively presented on curvily elliptical dishes that sinuously snuggle up to one another. On to the mains, Chicken Tikka Masala (because you’ve got to really): six large and tender chunks - a little hot for me (Kashmiri chilli) but my fellow diner, Max demolished them.

    I had Methi Murg, a succulent chicken dish from Kashmir... the blend was a clever and successful one. “This” pronounced Max “is actually the best Indian food I have ever eaten”. And Max has eaten Indian food everywhere from Brick Lane to India
    Review By Joseph Conolly, Ham & High Magazine, April 24, 2014
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